• Six String Riff Off
  • Judges
  • Sponsors
  • Prizes

Contest Details

On April 15, 2013 voting will close and the 10 contestants with the highest scores will be dubbed finalists. Those savvy six-stringers’ riffs will then be judged by our panel of guitar gurus. Winners will be announced on April 30, 2013 and these badass prizes will be doled out accordingly:

1st PRIZE:

  • Organ Grinder Amp (3 Monkeys)
  • Mini Ultramafic Soldered Kit (Lave Cable)
  • 15 ft. Clear Connect 2 Cable (Lave Cable)
  • Ultra Chorus II (DLS Effects)
  • Rook Overdrive (Mojo Hand FX)
  • V-Picks Starter Kit (V-Picks)
  • Blade Runner T-shirt (Super-Vee)
  • 6 Screw Right Hand, Nickel Blade Runner Tremolo (Super-Vee)
  • Fatback Stratocaster Electric Guitar Pickup Set (Mojotone)
  • NS Mini Headstock Tuner (D’Addario)
  • 10 Sets Electric Strings (D’Addario)

2nd PRIZE:

  • Micro Amp (3 Monkeys)
  • TR1 Tremolo (DLS Effects)
  • Iron Bell Fuzz (Mojo Hand FX)
  • V-Picks Starter Kit (V-Picks)
  • Blade Runner T-shirt (Super-Vee)
  • 6 Screw Right Hand, Nickel Blade Runner Tremolo (Super-Vee)
  • Planet Waves Pro-Winder (D’Addario)
  • 10 Sets Acoustic Strings (D’Addario)

3rd PRIZE:

  • 3 Monkeys T-shirt
  • Villanova Vibe (Mojo Hand FX)
  • V-Picks Starter Kit (V-Picks)
  • NS Tri-Action Capo (D’Addario)
  • Classic Humbucker Electric Guitar Pickup Set (Mojotone)
  • Blade Runner Baseball Cap (Super-Vee)

4th PRIZE:

  • 3 Monkeys T-shirt
  • Bayou Tremolo (DLS Effects)
  • Mag-Lok Tremolo Anti-Deflection Device (Super-Vee)
  • Super Glide Nut Evolution & Lubricant (Super-Vee)

5th PRIZE:

  • 3 Monkeys T-shirt
  • V-Picks Starter Kit (V-Picks)
  • Mag-Lok Tremolo Anti-Deflection Device (Super-Vee)
  • Super Glide Nut Evolution & Lubricant (Super-Vee)

How it works

Step 1: Upload a 30-second video of you playing your most amazingly awesome original guitar riff to YouTube. Make sure to tag it #SixStringRiffOff. And don’t disregard the whole 30-second limit thing—‘cuz the longer your videos is, the less likely people are to actually check it out and vote for it. Although they might vote against it.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Submit’ page and fill out the form with your name, email address and the link to your YouTube video. Next, check the box to verify you are who you say you are and that your video is your own. Then click the ‘Submit my video’ button and—boom—you’re in.

Step 3: Tell the world. Use #SixStringRiffOff to spread the word, or go to Facebook, Google+ or however else you like to connect. Sharing your riff with friends is the fastest way to get votes—and maybe inspire somebody else to enter and try matching up to your mightiness. As if.


You can use your vote for good or evil—so if you see a video that reminds you exactly why you love music in the first place, give ‘em the thumbs up. Likewise, if you see a complete poser, let ‘em know with a thumbs down. But use your vote wisely, ‘cuz participants and the public are limited to one vote per day (per device).

The obligatory legal junk

Contest open worldwide. Employees of 3 Monkeys (the Sponsor), Mojo Hand, DSL Effects, V-Pick, D’Addario, Super V, Lava Cable or any of their subsidiaries, affiliates or agencies, or members of their immediate families, or persons living in same household of each, are not eligible to enter or win. Entrants under eighteen (18) years old must obtain parental consent before entering the contest. Such consent may be given via e-mail or regular mail to the Sponsor and will be confirmed by the Sponsor. Contest is subject to all federal, state and local laws and regulations and is void where prohibited, taxed, or restricted by law. When shipping overseas, winner is responsible for any fees associated with taxes or customs. Winner agrees to allow their name and photo to be used for promotional purposes. The rights to the submitted riffs belong to the contestant who submitted them and are not the property of the Contest or its Sponsors.