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About the Riff Off

At 3 Monkeys, very few things get us going like a sweet-ass guitar riff. Except maybe hearing a sweet-ass guitar riff coming out of one of our amps. So, we figured the best way to bring the two together was through a good, old-fashioned riff-off—where the winner walks away with their very own 3 Monkeys Organ Grinder amp.

About 3 Monkeys

3 Monkeys

What do you get when you cross a world-famous axe man with a never-say-die master amp tech and a leading guitar tech who’s toured with some of the finest acts to ever grace a stage? One superior amp company, that’s what. The brainchild of Brad Whitford, Ossie Ahsen and Greg Howard, 3 Monkeys amps are built to effing rock. With stellar tone being first and foremost on their list of must-haves, the crew set out to create a line of amps that do everything from gently caress your cochlea to unapologetically thrash you in your ear holes. And their vintage style ensures they look good doing it. These custom beauties are absolute beasts!


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