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Congrats to the five following skill-slinging six-stringers for rocking our judges' faces off.

So what does each of these musical marvels walk away with? Take a gander at the various prize packs.

Curious about the caliber of their competition? Then check out all of the riffs that we’re submitted.

The Top 5 Winners


Marko - 1st 3202

From the judges: "I liked his hybrid chicken pickin' thing and how he articulated it."


Jason - 2nd 2281

From the judges: "..liked what he was doing with his fretting and picking hand"


Cameron - 3rd 2277

From the judges: "...loved those crunchy chords and good tempo"


Tim - 4th 1810

From the judges: "... great mid blues/crunch, clean and articulate"


Mia - 5th 2094

From the judges: "...clean approach and a real conceptual piece"